Meishinryu Aiki-Jujutsu

Aiki-Jujutsu or Aiki

Meishinryu's Aiki is based on Aiki of Daitoryu Aiki-Jujutsu

The founder learns Aiki under Okamoto Seigo, the great Aiki master of Daitoryu. Since he joined Roppokai that was the dojo of Okamoto Seigo, he never absented the lesson of Aiki by Okamoto Sensei for four years. Four years sounds short, but his training hours were over 1,000 hours under Okamoto Seigo and took about 30,000 times of Okamoto Seigo's Aiki. That was enough for the founder to understand the principle of Aiki.

After the founder resigned Roppokai, he had still kept pursuing Aiki technique and practiced to improve his Aiki closer to Okamoto Seigo's Aiki.

The founder thinks that finding the principle of Aiki will help to improve the level of Aiki, but the principle itself will not directly take his Aiki to the next steps. Only non-stop practicing will take his Aiki to the next step.

"Okamoto Seigo had told me that he considered his Aiki is only 80% completed. Right now, my Aiki is only 10 to 15%. Yes, it still very low, but I know that I'm on the right pass of Okamoto Sensei." --- the founder.

Three elements of Aiki: circular motion, breathing, and counter reflex

Aiki technique is created by these three elements: circular motion, breathing, and counter reflex. Every one of them is equally important, but breathing and counter reflex are very difficult to apply it for the beginners. In Meishinryu Aiki practice, we focus on the circular motion first because it is easy to begin with. When you learn the proper way of making a circular motion, then you will learn how to apply breathing and counter reflex.

This circular motion will create two most important techniques of Daitoryu: Aiki Age and Aiki Sage. Okamoto Seigo mentioned that the motion of Aiki always consists of pushing and pulling at the same time. To be more specific, the circular motion has both attacking and Kuzushi (making uke off-balance) at the same time.

Combining both Aiki Age and Aiki Sage in many different angles will produce uncountable attacking and Kuzushi in one technique, and that is the technique of Aiki.

Aiki Age and Aiki Sage

Aiki Age and Aiki Sage are the most important techniques in Aiki Jujutsu. What are them, then? Age means lift-up and Sage means putting-down. However, Meshinryu defines them more specific. Aiki Age is the circular motion of the reverse spinning wheel, and Aiki Sage is the circular motion of the forwarding spinning wheel.

All of Aiki techniques are made from the combination of Aiki Age and Aiki Sage with those circles. Also, Aiki Sage itself is already a powerful technique to throw a person.

There are about 300 basic techniques of Aiki in Meishinryu, and you can create any techniques once you understand the principle of Aiki and how Aiki creates the techniques. In Meishinryu, we train those basic techniques to build the accurate circle of Aiki, and late you will apply breathing and counter reflex to complete Aiki technique. Without the correct circular motion, Aiki will never be effective even though there is a correct use of breathing and counter reflex.

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