Meishinryu Aiki-Jujutsu

Aikido of Meishinryu

Meishinryu's Aikido is Steven Segal's style Aikido

What kind of Aikido style that Meishinryu teaches? If you watch 80's Steven Segal's movies, that are our style of Aikido.

The Aikido techniques of Meishinryu is based on Steven Segal which is a very practical fighting system. Unlike other Aikido, most of Meishinryu Aikido techniques are very simple and sharp because that is the only way to be very effective in a real fight situation. Iriminage, Kotegaeshi, Shihonage, Ikkyo, Nikyo, Sankyo, Kaiten nage and Kokyunage are the most of our Aikido techniques.

The main focus of Aikido in Meishinryu is Ukemi. Ukemi is the most important skill in Aikido because to practice the practical and sharp techniques, Uke is required a high level of Ukemi. We have a very unique back fall Ukemi that can take a strong and quick impact on your head or neck to protect your body. Also, the break fall is very important and Meishinryu will train you how to take all the energy of the throw and receive it to use it to jump in the air. This is a very high level of Ukemi.

Aikido as Jujutsu

Meishinryu divides Aiki and Aikido as two different techniques. We categorize Aikido as Jujutsu technique because the techniques of Aikido are based on "Kuzushi (making opponent off-balanced)", joint locking techniques and throwing techniques.

In Japanese term of those kinds of martial arts techniques are considered as "Jujutsu." If you learn the proper way of those locking and throwing technique with a continuous motion with the foot-works, you could be able to throw and lock anybody because the composition of the human body is the same. In Japanese, this is called "Jujutsu."

Aikido of Meishinryu focuses on footwork, hand move, and body turning. The power of the throwing and joint locking of Aiki comes from the footwork. Not from the upper body muscle. "Kuzushi" is also another important technique to make all techniques practical and powerful without physical strength, therefore small persons, old persons or women can apply Aikido technique for the self-defense.

Aiki as the way of the Harmoney

Aikido is not just a technique of "Jujutsu." Aikido also has the beautiful concept of "The Way of The Harmony." In Meishinryu, the philosophy of Budo (the way of martial art) takes the same principle of Aikido that is making friends and bringing harmony in the community. That is "Aiki" in Aikido. We considered as this philosophy of Aikido is the most important thing by learning Meishinryu Aiki-Jujutsu.

In the practice of Aikido, we always appreciate and show respect for each partner because we cannot practice without partners. Aikido is not the martial arts to break the enemy, but it's Budo to become a friend with your enemy. This is the most important spirit you can learn through Meishinryu.

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